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Monday, December 20, 2010

Installing Juniper router OS JunOS 10.1 in Qemu(VM) for GNS3

hello this the instruction and Steps by Steps video to install JunOS 10.1 in Qemu for GNS3 for Juniper router simulation

Download the required software
1. JunOS 10.X (use Torrents may OS Image are available from there i also got) Link
2. Download FreeBSD 4.11 as base OS for Router Download
3. Download Qemu 0.11.0 from GNS3 web site  Download
4. Need to Software to create CD ISO image. ex: Deep Burner
Time to Start

Step 1
download all the given files above
Step 2
Extract Qemu in a folder
Step 3
open cmd and navigate to extracted folder
step 4
create a HDD image to install JunOS of 4GB
qemu-img.exe create j.img -f qcow2 4GStep 5
Step 5
Start the Qemu with Free BSD CD and Created HDD
qemu.exe -L . -m 256 -hda j.img -boot d -localtime -cdrom ..\
Step 6
Install Free BSD in Qemu
Skip Kernel configuration
Choose standard installation
With fdisk, press A to allocate entire disk for bsd
Select: install a standard MBR
Create partition (with C)
    512M for /
    1024M for swap partition
    128M for /config
    and the rest for /var
Choose installation type: user, and select No for FreeBSD ports
X to Exit the menu and install from CD/DVD
Wait until it's done
Yes for chance to set any last options
Type root password
Select 'X' to Exit the installation, it will reboot
while it's rebooting, exit from Qemu by pressing Ctrl-Alt-2,
then type: q
Step 7
Make JunOS ready to transfer in guest OS
Create a CD Image (ISO) of junOS (using deepburner or any of it kind) and save in Qemu Folder with name like j8.iso
Step 8
Make JunOS Ready for Installation
qemu -L . -m 512 -boot c -hda j.img -cdrom j8.iso
We need to untar the signed jinstall file first:
#mount /cdrom
#cd /var/tmp
#mkdir junos
#cd junos
#tar zxvf /cdrom/jinstall-10.1R1.8-domestic-olive.tgz
Then untar the unsigned image:
#mkdir jinst
#cd jinst
#tar zxvf ../jinstall10.1R1.8-domestic.tgz
Extract the pkgtools.tgz file and replace the checkpic binary inside with /usr/bin/true :
#mkdir pkgtools
#cd pkgtools
#tar zxvf ../pkgtools.tgz
#cd bin
#cp /usr/bin/true ./checkpic
#cd ..
Create tar for pkgtools then remove the directory:
#tar zcvf ../pkgtools.tgz *
#cd ..
#rm -rf pkgtools
Create tar for the new jinstall package with modified checkpic
#tar zcfv /var/tmp/j.tgz *
Then install the new jinstall with bsd pkg_add tool:
#pkg_add -f /var/tmp/j.tgz
It will ask to reboot to continue the installation.
One installation is finished and prompt is returned press Crtl+Alt+2 then type “q” press enter
Step 9
Install JunOS in Guest VM
“qemu -L . -m 512 -hda j.img -serial telnet:,server,nowait,nodelay –localtime”
open new cmd and do telnet to to enjoy the watching installtion process of JunOS
Once Prompt appear type cli to start junOS configuration
Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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