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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Adding Host in GNS3 VM or QEMU

Hello after a long period GNS3 released a Host add on to GNS3
Follow the steps for adding the host in GNS3 using QEMU Bin file

First My OS is win 7

Step 1
Download this 2 file from Server




Step 2

After download Place the File in GNS3 Install Folder
Generally in C:\Programs Files\GNS3\

Step 3
Open GNS3

Step 4
Go to Preference
Click Test

Step 5
Go to QEMU Host
Add the Following
Identifiers Name: Microcore
Binary Name: linux-microcore-2.10.img
Show the Path where we download the linux-microcore-2.10.img from net (best is save in IOS Image Folder)
RAM: 32
NIC: e1000
Qemu Optional: -no-acpi

Click:  Save configuration

Apply and OK

That it
Drag and Drop the Host from the list if need drop a router and connect the host to router that it
If everything is fine Pc will work
Right Click Host and Start

one the Pc Boot this is command
Username: Root password is root

Sudo ifconfig eth0 

Gr8 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it works