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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Cisco IOS XR in GNS3

Cisco IOS XRv is now available to download,

I have made small Video tutorial about how we can run Cisco IOS XRv in GNS3 and have Ethernet and console connection..

Cisco IOS XRv is available for download from.


YouTube link



Unknown said...


i followed your video but in the end
the ping does not work.

any idea?


Unknown said...

I see that ping dont work here is the work around for it...

1.Connect the VM as per you topology...
2.Start VM and config the devices. with count 10000 them... it will not work
4.delete the links in GNS3 (just links no routers with stopping it)
5.reconnect the link and you can see in console ping start..

Unknown said...

Hey admin,
I watch the video about Cisco IOS XR in GNS3 and it is a good tutorial. I also want to make some tutorials on cat photos and watch this tutorial, your way of presentation is simple. I will also your way of presentation.
Thanks for sharing this.

Jimy said...

This article about running Cisco IOS XRv in GNS3 and having Ethernet and console connection is really helpful..Thanks for sharing the tutorial.keep posting

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