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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Adding GUI QEMU to GNS3 Host

This is how to add a GNS3 Graphical host in QEMU
Download the customised Bin file of Tinycore from GNS3
file GNS3 Publishers
Open GNS3 Software
Edit  >> Preferences >> Qemu >> Qemu Host >> give
host name : tiny_core
binary name : <give the location of the downloaded Bin file>
Memory : 64
NIC : e1000
Qemu Options: -no-acpi

>> Click >> Save >> OK >>

Drag Host >> Select Name >> Right Click >> Start



STC Technologies said...

. It is quite well integrated and doesn't require much tuning. This is a graphical version of Microcore linux image, we used in previous tutorial Add Qemu host in GNS3 .STC Technologies

Ravi27 said...

Hello admin i read your post about Adding GUI QEMU to GNS3 Host.
Your blog is nice and it also contains a lot of good information.
I also watch the video and thanks for sharing that information with us.